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need (at Cost Plus World Market)

need (at Cost Plus World Market)

Sometimes I just want to fly to Oktoberfest in Munich, meet a girl wearing a dirndl named Helga, and fuck her in a beer barrel storage room.

One liter bier. Pröst! (at Stammtisch)

One liter bier. Pröst! (at Stammtisch)

happy birthday Jim Henson

happy birthday Jim Henson

I just thought of a motivational something that no one’s told me and I’ve never heard before

One of the reasons I keep falling off the fitness wagon is because I keep thinking long-term, like all those days I’m going to have to exercise in order to get in shape. I was well aware of this for a long time, but today I came up with a phrase that might just kill that thought:

"I don’t like it, and TODAY I’m going to do something about it."

I hope it works.

About mounted trophy heads…

I don’t have any, but if I did I’d want it to be animatronic and sing or talk when activated.

But why have just the head when you could have a whole animatronic animal? Then it could sing AND dance! …But I guess that’d take up too much room.

So then keep it outside. …But it’d have to be weatherproof, plus there’s the costs of parts, maintenance & such.

A REAL animal would be better to keep. …But then you’d have to corral it, feed it, call a vet when it gets sick, et cetera- plus I bet wild game would rather run free and eat and fuck.

Forget it. Trophies are dumb.

Rose City Comic Con

edit: Hey, you can see ME in one of these pics!
forgot te post this on Friday mateys, YARR!!

forgot te post this on Friday mateys, YARR!!

the feeling you get from a rollercoaster as you’re about to go over the peak and the feeling you get when you’re about to fall over drunk is virtually the same

Let’s play New Super Mario Wii U drinking game!

1. every time you die = take a drink
2. every time you pass a level = finish drink
3. get stuck at level 1-5
4. drink until you die IRL